One move dance class.

I came back from my Bharatanatyam class early to find that my mom had the greatest news ever.the news was that I could join One move hip- hop dance class if I danced on a hip hop song , sent it to the teacher, and he would decide weather I could join or not. Surprisingly, I already had a song ready. I danced on it and sent the video to sir. What was even more surprising was the fact that sir actually said that just it was nice. He said that I could come from the next class. I was so happy. This incident happened on 31st August (Friday).

My one move classes have been going pretty well. I am enjoying it a lot. The sir that teaches us is very very nice. He is very strict but at the same time he is kind and just. Sometimes he is also funny.

We are going to try and participate in the world dance event. First, we have to participate in the qualifiers round in India and if we succeed we will be going to Portugal for the world dance. I am very excited and I hope that we qualify……

Camping Trip

I went on a camping trip to a farm called Sankalpa. My father’s old school friend (Arthi aunty) and her brother’s family own the farm. I had already once visited this farm when there was a get-together between old school friends of my Dad. The camping trip was for two nights and three days. I didn’t want to go alone so my mom sent a message around the lakeshore homes group and luckily for me my best friend Kushi said that her mom allowed her to go for it. I was so excited I couldn’t sit still for two minutes. At last the day before the camp came . My mom showed me how to close and open the sleeping bag and she helped me pack . I was so excited , I couldn’t sleep that night. My father woke me up the next day . Normally I would have told 5 minutes and would have drifted back to sleep but that day I got up as soon as he woke me up and started running around in excitement. I got ready as soon as I could and then me and my father went up the road and waited there for Kushi and her dad to come in their car. We got into the car. Kushi and me were talking about how excited we were the previous day. My dad and Kushi’s dad were talking about business ( I think) because I wasn’t paying much attention. The people who were running the camp came to pick us up from somewhere near Infosys. There were three different cars. We sat in a car with Anand uncle( His wife Bala Aunty was Arthi aunty’s sister – in – law), our yoga teacher and a girl called Shruti(Shruti was Anand uncle’s daughter). She was one year younger than us but she was a great source of entertainment and told us about what all we were going to do and before we knew it we reached the farm in Tally, Tamil Nadu.


We got down and kept our bags in the Tulusi room(something like the main area) and our yoga mats in the Ashwatha room. We then had a breakfast of idli sambar. Then the elders took all of us for a round around the farm. After we reached the bottommost layer we all sat down on the hill of rocks surrounding the lake and started chatting. IMG-20180403-WA0045

At that time we met Prarthana and she soon became our friend. At about 9:30am, we all gathered in the Ashwattha and sat in a circle. Arthi Aunty told us about what all we could do.


A timetable of our activities was pasted outside the Tulasi. After Arthi Aunty finished her speech she said that there was a surprise awaiting us. She told us to get our towels  from our bags. That was really curious for us all at that time. Why would Aunty want us to get towels??? Then we understood why. We were supposed to tie our towels around our eyes and explore the farmland without seeing anything.IMG-20180403-WA0070

It was really creative of the elders to think of such a game. It was like I was in my own world of darkness. Though I bumped into a lot of people and things, I enjoyed it a lot. Then we all thought it would be exciting and fun to climb Pandava betta which was just opposite to the farm. So we asked aunty if we could go climb it. She said ‘OK’, so we went. It was really adventurous and thrilling to explore different parts of the hill and climb up to the top, see the view and give exclamations ๐Ÿ˜ฎto each other. We found many different types of rocks (mostly lime stone). After a while, our yoga teacher and two other boys came to look for us and take us back to the camp. We begged him to allow us to play for five more minutes and he said OK, so we went to explore few more parts. While we were exploring, sir and the boys were picking up stones and seeing who could throw them the farthest . After what seemed like ten minutes, sir called us and told us that it was time to go back to the farmland. Prarthana was very responsible and wanted to go back to the farmland long back because she thought we would miss something. So she scurried along hurriedly. Me, Kushi and Shruthi just wandered about for 5 minutes and then set off down the hill. After we reached the foot of the hill we raced down to the Tulasi. There we ate our lunch. After that we went to the tent that me, Kushi, Shruthi and Prarthana were to share for that night. We then went into the tent and started making plans for the night. It was really exciting to do all that. After that the elders called us for the next activity. We had an option of doing three things. :

  1. Wall painting
  2. Name plating
  3. Tree planting

Me and Kushi chose name plating and Prarthana and Shruthi chose tree planting. In name plating we basically had to write names of trees and hang them on trees. We were waiting for Bala Aunty when me and Kushi decided to sit on the wall that surrounded the Ashwattha. Then by mistake I got hurt by an iron string. My hand started bleeding. Bala Aunty took me to the Tulasi, where she applied some antiseptic on my hand. I was better after that. Then we went around the farm observing all the trees and writing their names in a book. After that we went and sat down in the Ashwattha to paint the names of trees on plates. 1 of my friend was writing on the plates with chalk and me, Koushik and Kushi were painting on the writing.

After all of us finished our activities we went to the area with sand. There our yoga teacher made us play three group games and after that we played kabaddi. It was a lot of fun. While we were playing kabaddi Kushi got hurt. So, she said that she won’t be coming for the nature walk. As she was my best friend it was my responsibility to stay with her and give her company. So we stayed back in the tent. While they were gone we played Shadow puppets and did light shows. It was fun doing that. After that the others came back. When they came to our tent we told them about what all we did in their absence. Then we used all the torches to form the universe. Then somehow a really funny conversation started in which Prarthana was the teacher and Shruthi was the student. Shruthi was a really funny type of student which made us laugh till we felt like our stomach was about to burst. Then I took a turn in being the teacher and after that Kushi. We then went to dinner and talked a little in the tent and went to sleep.

The next day Prarthana woke up first, so she she woke us all up. Kushi complained that she had a stomach ache. She struggled with it for a lot of time and then vomited. I felt really bad for her. The next thing we had to do was yoga. Kushi said that she would try to do but the yoga teacher said that she should take some rest. So she sat outside while we did yoga. At breakfast she did not at all have her usual appetite. In fact she she didn’t  eat any thing but a banana. So I just finished the cow bathing and spent the rest of the morning with her. She felt really tired and couldn’t  do a thing. She was really glad of my company and I felt happy to help her. Just before they started making lunch, me, Kushi, Prarthana and Shruthi took a well bathe with Bala Aunty. IMG-20180403-WA0079

That was the first time I took a well bathe and I enjoyed it a lot. When we came to the Tulasi we saw everyone making lunch over there. The aunties were rolling the pindi, the elder girls were frying the chapattis so we decided to help too. We put the masala into the chapatti and rolled it. We made about 60 rolls for everybody. After lunch Kushi was all ok again. We were a bit tired so we took some rest after the lunch was over. Then we did the wall painting outside the Ashwattha. I was good at drawing , so I did the drawings and the others painted it. That day we all didn’t want to play group games, so we asked our yoga teacher to show us a few yoga  asanas. He said OK, so we all trooped into the Ashwattha. He showed us marvellous yoga asanas which we we stared at in the at most astonishment.

Then Aunty called us all out. She said we had to do something called ‘Tune in nature’. Basically we had to spend half an hour anywhere by ourselves. We ate our snacks, drank water and set off to wherever we all wanted to go. I wanted to find a lonely spot where I could sit and enjoy the nature. But I couldn’t, so I ended up roaming around the entire time. Then I spotted a rabbit. It was so cute. I sat under the shade of the tree and looked around. Everything was so beautiful. After about half an hour, I set off to find my friends. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find them anywhere and then finally I saw Kushi. Kushi also saw me. I ran up to her. We sat and talked for  a while. Kushi had written a poem which was really nice. I said that this ought to published somewhere. Kushi was an expert at making up poems. Then we all sat in a circle and all of us told about what we had done during the half an hour, what we had enjoyed and other stuff. IMG-20180403-WA0031

At the end Kushi recited the poem to all of us. Every one said it was very nice. Then we took some rest, ate dinner and went to sleep.

The next day we woke up quite early and I felt really fresh because I had slept like a log the day before. We brushed our teeth, did our yoga and drank some juice. Then we did something which was quite exciting. We had to find our way to a banyan tree. (Alone) Arti Aunty had given us some directions which we had to follow to find the banyan tree Anand uncle would be waiting for us over there. So we all stood near the gate of the farm and one by one went off. It was lovely walking off by myself. After about a 15 minute walk, I reached the banyan tree. I saw everyone waiting there with Anand uncle everyone had reached the banyan tree but Kushi and Shruthi. In a trice, everyone was looking for them. Then the elders took us back to the farm and the elders were looking for them. After a while they found Kushi and Shruthi and bought them back to the farm. They had taken a wrong turn and had gone the wrong way. They had found a treehouse over there.  It seemed to me that they had had quite an exciting time. We then went to the mountain to have our breakfast. While we were eating our breakfast we talked of the morning’s happenings. Prarthana went after a while. We decided to go and explore a few more parts. Prarthana didn’t want to come so only me, Kushi and Shruthi went taking a few bananas with us. We went to many parts of the hill and enjoyed it a a lot. In fact we enjoyed it so much that we lost our hang of time and also rules. We went on exploring and actually reached the bottom of the hill. We didn’t even realise it. 2 hours went by. Then suddenly I looked at my watch and it was 12’o clock. I was so shocked. We had left the farm at 9:30. We all agreed that we would be in hot water if anybody found us there. So we were about to make our way back, when we heard anand uncle’s voice in the distance… we were so amazed and shocked. We tried to hide but it was too late. Anand uncle had seen us. It was obvious what was going to happen next. We were taken back to the farm and got a good scolding from everyone. Our yoga teacher said that ‘Normally in movies three boys do such things but in reality three girls are doing such things. That was a really good compliment for me as I always like being adventurous. After that we drank  coconut water. Then we took a well bathe again. After that we ate our lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent in our packing, chattering and other stuff. Finally the time came when we had to say goodbye to everyone. Most of us wished that camp was for a few more days. I felt as if I could KISS the walls of the Ashwattha and Tulasi. We all went into the cars and the farm was well behind us.




My little baby sister MASHAโค๏ธ

My little sister is super duper duper cute I love her with all my heart โค๏ธ 

This is a picture of me with my sister in the first photo she is so cute ๐Ÿ˜

My sister is growing up so soon you can’t even tell. OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฒ.  These are a few things she has done lately 

Whenever I come close to her in a friendly manner she laughs so much she also laughs when I tikkle her in the stomach ๐Ÿ˜‚ my mother puts her in the rocker at the hall whenever I come in the hallway past the rocker an go out of the hall she cries so much, basically because I just ignore her. Currently she is 7 months. Actually she is cute even when she cries omg loll ๐Ÿ˜‚anyway I wanted to tell you about this- recently only this happened

I was standing on my bed and my sister was between my legs by mistake I accidentally stamped her hair omg ๐Ÿ˜ฒ you won’t believe what happened next she started crying so loud, so loud you wouldn’t imagine, obviously as an elder and responsible sister I felt so bad for her that to my surprise I started crying and now comes the awesome part- my sister saw me crying ๐Ÿ˜ญ and stopped crying but I continued to cry because I felt so sad ๐Ÿ˜ญ she suddenly came close to me and then wiped off a tear from my face suddenly I stopped crying and started laughing laughing so hard that even she started laughing ๐Ÿ˜‚ then I told her in her ear ๐Ÿ‘‚ that if you really forgive me then laugh then she really laughed I was so happy to have such a sister I thank god so much for giving me such a wonderful special sister, I will always be there for my sister 


My summer vacation 2017

My summer vacation has been so long this year that I am waiting to get back to my school routine, my summer vacation started on April 1st and is going to end on may 31st.

My summer vacation begins with a normal day I mean holiday when I’m really excited to go to my grandmas house for my vacation I was really excited to go there because my cousins are there it was going to be so much fun. there were so many memories of me and my cousins together like basically how much fun we had together๐Ÿ˜‰We went to different places like Snow city Orion mall mantri mall movies etc.mostly we have gone to Orion mall many times to shop there for dresses because the dresses ๐Ÿ‘— in Orion mall are really cute especially for my little sister masha๐Ÿ˜„ Once me and my cousin sister( who is elder to me) went to Orion mall without our parents it was so much fun eating doughnuts ๐Ÿฉ French ๐ŸŸ etc.the dresses ๐Ÿ‘— which we saw in Orion mall for my sister ( but we didn’t buy it anyway)๐Ÿ˜‚

My father recently went to US for his job over there my moms brother is there so my dad went there they gave chocolate ๐Ÿซ and my Avva who also lives in Us came to India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ and she gave us a few more chocolate ๐Ÿซ and she also gave us fabulous dresses ๐Ÿ‘— I was super happy ๐Ÿ˜Š my father also got me many things from US like remote control hair designer dresses for me and my sister ๐Ÿ‘—etc. I had so much fun this summer vacation and it has been so long I really can’t wait to get back to my school routine (as I have told you before)




Hi guys today in my blog I am going to share a few experiences of mine with you about….. my time in snow city . I went to snow city with my cousins, two of my elder brothers and my elder sister ( who always irritates me … like all elder sisters๐Ÿ˜‚ Ok maybe not all ๐Ÿ˜‚anyway let’s move to the topic .So basically I first never wanted to go to snow city cause the snow city I went to in Dubai really…. froze me off. It was super cold in there, my hands and legs froze, I could not move an inch I felt like my hands and legs would cut because of the ice, no really I am not kidding. So now you got the total reason I didn’t wanna go there even though I had cousin company especially my elder sister she’s actually fun to play with ๐Ÿ˜though she is irritating……. but hey you gotta luv her ๐Ÿ˜˜ I nagged and cried ( because I wanted to escape from the great dangerous snow city) But when I did that my mom said honey it’s not gonna be so cold over there and after that we had a huge drama session and if I had to write about all of that I think it would be a series 

An out of the house birthdayย 

Shikha is so delighted that her birthday will fall on a Sunday this year. Winter is her favourite season not only because she was born in December but also because she loves the cold weather. This time she was going to celebrate her ninth birthday in a different  way.

She calls herself the nature girl. News of falling trees or sick animals would disturb the little girl. She would ask her parents why there are no nature keepers like there are home keepers. If every one looks after their own house then who will care for our earth, the bigger home? She would mourn.

More than indoors she is always found out in the veranda , with her dolls, with her books or even with her meals, devouring delisious home maid food while simultaneously feeding birds and other animals. So her mom suggested she should have a birthday picnic instead of a birthday party.

Wow! Jumped Shikha, when she heard the suggestion , ” I love the idea of a birthday picnic. It will give us a chance to be closer to nature. Thanks for such a brilliant idea. You sure know my weaknesses mom.”

Mom asked her to prepare a list of friends who would join them for the birthday picnic by the lakeside. Roshini her best friend and neighbour, came over in the evening to help put things together for the picnic. They first made a list of friends to be invited. Then Shikha called each one of them to invite them for the picnic. She was thrilled to hear invitees response.

An evening before the picnic, Shikha and Roshini packed paper bags and cloth bags with old newspapers for use during the picnic. They new that plastic is bad for the environment as it does not decompose. So they decided not to use the disposable plastic plates and glasses, instead they packed steel plates and bowls, spoons and small sized glasses for water. They also packed three thin bedsheets to spread out on the velvety green grass when it was time for the meals. In an other bag they put in a bat and a ball, a pack of playing cards,  badminton rackets along  with a shuttlecock and a frisbee.

On the day of the picnic All the children met at the local bakery, which had been decided as the meeting place.They then decided to cycle to the picnic spot and not use cars or scooters because it causes pollution.

In the picnic they enjoyed a lot by reading books talking and having fun together under the shade of the leafy trees they then played with the bat and ball, played badminton and then frisbee.After the party was over they all cycled back home and could never forget about how much fun they had in the picnic and how important it is to save trees.

I hope from this story you also understand that it is important to save trees.


My mom was recently pregnant.I was really really excited and I also wished that I could have a baby sister and also i was very confident that i would get a baby sister so I kept all clothes and toys for my sister inside  my cupboard but my father wanted a baby brother so that it would be like one girl and one boy but he was ok with a girl also and anyway we waited to see whether it was a baby sister or a baby brother. FINALLY ONE DAY, my mom, my grandma and my dad went to the hospital and me and my grandpa were at house. I was playing PLANTS VS ZOMBIES in my ipad and then suddenly my grandpa got a call. It was my dad… He said that baby was born and it was a girl… I was soooooooooooooo excited. I couldnt wait to see my mom and my sister. I literally threw my iPad and went rushing out. 

The baby towards the left is me and the towards the right is my sister ( Masha) 



Milk productsย 

Hi my name is in my blog I am going to tell about the right type of food we should eat….here is artical all about milk and milk products for you to read.


Today many believe that cows naturally produce milk for human consumption. However, like all mammals, cows produce milk to feed their own young. Repeated pregnancies are required for continuous milk production
Traditionally cows were raised as members of the family and revered as a mother because they gave milk. Calves were first given their share of milk. Female calves were raised as milk producers and male, to work in the fields. In the absence of refrigeration milk did not have commercial value. Today every part of the cow is of commercial value from the cow dung and urine to leather and bone.
The life of cattle today
The torture of calves
Calves are deprived of their share of milk. Newly born male calves are largely unwanted. They are sent to slaughter, or sent out to fend for themselves. Or they are tied to a pole allowed to die slowly of starvation. Their carcasses are collected to make โ€˜ahimsicโ€™ leather products. In the West, they are sold to veal farms at birth, endure the 14 โ€“ 17 weeks before slaughter in isolation in veal crates that prevent movement and are fed an anaemia inducing diet so as to produce the tender white veal meat.
17a starved male calves collected for AHIMSIC leather
Some male calves have their stomachs slit soon after birth, while they are still alive, to make rennet for the cheese industry. In India this is supposed to be banned in favour of microbial rennet. Heart-rending scenes bear testimony to the anguish suffered by cows at the repeated loss of their young. Female calves are brought up to join their mothers as milk producers. Even โ€˜goshalasโ€™, built for the welfare of cows, separate the calf from its mother in order to milk her.
Oxytocin injections
Cows are subjected to daily oxytocin injections causing excruciating labour-like pains, in the hope of increasing the milk flow.
The slaughter of spent cows
Cows may produce milk for two, even three years when nursing their calves. In the absence of the calf they dry earlier. To keep the milk flowing cows (and buffaloes) are artificially inseminated within 2 months of giving birth. The animal has to produce milk while pregnant. The result, she is spent after about 4 pregnancies and must be retired (slaughtered). The average natural life span of a cow is 26 years yet today most live no more than 6 โ€“ 8 years.
Hybrid cows in India
Hybrid cows bred to produce ten times more milk than normal suffer from mastitis, an inflammation of their heavy udders, resulting in pus in the milk. Although these breeds do not survive well in India there are repeated attempts to introduce them.
Death by plastic bag
Cattle are left to roam and find food themselves. They feed on roadside garbage supplemented with some feed by their owners. Many die prematurely from stomachs obstructed by plastic bags.

polythene taking out during rumenotomy

Widespread disease
Cows tied to posts with short ropes spend hours in the heat of the sun, on the roadsides without water. Others spend their lives in over crowded city shelters standing on concrete floors in their own excreta, instead of in fields. They get very little fresh air and exercise resulting in widespread disease. Many of Mumbaiโ€™s cows suffer from tuberculosis and mastitis. Pasteurization does not kill the TB bacilli, which may be passed to the consumer.
Inhumane treatment of bullocks
Bullocks often collapse while transporting large loads in the hot sun without rest, food and water.
Bullock load (2)
Milking machines
Milking machines, if used, cause injuries and bleeding of the udder. They occasionally give electric shocks causing considerable discomfort, fear and impaired immunity, sometimes leading to death.
Transport and illegal slaughter
In many states cow slaughter is forbidden but keeping an animal that is non productive is unaffordable. These animals are clandestinely slaughtered without stunning, or are transported under abysmal conditions to distant slaughter-houses and often slaughtered in front of one another.
30 Far more than what is legally allowed
As long as we continue to exploit the cow for her milk and hide and other body products this slaughter will not stop.
Terms & ConditionsDisclaimer PolicyPrivacy PolicyPayment.

I want to ask you a question – isn’t it weard  if you just go to someone’s house go to some mother who is pregnant Whois supposed to give milk to her baby but instead you go and snatch the milk away from her.that would be really weard. Well that is the same thing w are doing to the cows.

ย  ย  My trip to DUBAI!๐Ÿ’

I went to Dubai on 23rd December 2015. First we settled down in the hotel. Then we went to a mall called Emrites. Over there we went to ski Dubai and in skiDubai we went on a slide called Twisted snow slide in a tube. Then we went to penguin show. For me it was very cold so I went inside. Then we went to a mall called Iban Batuta Mall and did shopping there.


We shifted to Atlantis hotel, then we settled in our rooms And then we went to many slides then we went aquarium which had many,many  fishes. Almost like how many fishes are there in the whole world. It was the biggest aquarium in the world. I had a small aquarium which had around 5,6 fishes. Most of them died so we stopped keeping the aquarium. It might have taken a lot of difficulties to keep the fishes…then we slept.


We woke up early in the morning and we took pictures in the beach. Then we went to a mono rail trip, I saw soo many buildings. Then we ate lunch and then went to a dessert safari, in the dessert safari we went for a dune bash and then we went for bike riding then we saw a dance then we dressd in Arabian clothings snd took a picture.  Then we went to a restaurant,ate dinner and slept.


  1. First we went to city tour, in the city tour we first visited the temple and in the temple i saw Krishna and shiva then we went to the musiam, over there we saw how dubai was before then we went to a palace where the arabian king and queen used to live, then we went to a beach and there we collected soo many shells. then we went to marina walk then we went to Dubai mall, we had gone there by taxi and my mom had forgoten her mobile there , so my dad and my uncle  called to sevaral people and they said they would give at 11’o clock then we did shopping there and then we went to the tallest building, which was Burj khalifa… It had 200 floors we went until the 125th floor every thing was like an ant.and then we ate dinner in MTR, it was an Indian restaurant and over there my favouruite food was idly,sambar and then we went to the hotel and slept.


In the5th day we went to the biggest mosque called grand mosque. It was soo beautiful inside… Then we went to the Ferrari world over there there was the fastest roller coster which could go 240 KM in 40 mins….my father ,mother and my cousin sister went… But I was too little for it…then after that we went to Global village. In Global village we can go shops of different countries Like Singapur, Malaysia ,chaina  ,Africa , amarica etc.I ENJOYED A LOT OVER THERE!!!i bought soo many things over there…. Then we slept…

I enjoyed a lot in Dubai…๐Ÿ’œ

You too have to visit Dubai it’s awesome thereโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’Œโœจ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽˆ

Movie Martian.

I went to movie Martian with my mother and father.The movie is about a man who gets left out in Mars alone…. No body is with him. He survives with no oxygen,only some food,no water, and five stitches on his stomach…only he is on the planet Mars.he makes food by growing potato plants in Mars…he makes water by burning hydrogen and oxygen. He lives in a base camp on Mars which has oxygen.he stays there alone for around 5,6 years.After some days he was able to communicate with the people on Earth.A big storm destroyed a part of the base camp on Mars,with that all  that the plants were dead.He covers that part with a plastic cover. After some days he travels in the Mars land rower to a different part of Mars.Over there he finds a booster in which he can go up and meet his NASA team.His NASA team picks him up in space and after another four long years he reaches earth…